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In a turbulent world where opportunities and challenges exist interchangeably, the law will always be a solid fulcrum for you to seize opportunities, avoid risks and realize all strategic views as well as long-term goals. IBPRO – Your Business Companion was established by a team of experienced lawyers and experts who are enthusiastic about the profession as well as have a deep understanding of the Vietnamese market.

IBPRO’s experience and capacity have been accumulated over the years along with the “Doi Moi” economy reform, attracting foreign investments into Vietnam. Based on that solid foundation, we aim to provide all-rounded and effective legal consultancy services that are accessible for all clients. Not only that, clients who come to us are welcomed as companions and are professionally treated as business partners. We combine our understanding of the laws, business culture in Vietnam, and international standards of service delivery to provide a “tailor-made” legal solution to the absolute satisfaction of each client coming to us.

We always believe that our values must be built from the simplest things along with the tireless efforts over time and satisfaction of our clients - our companions will always be the business philosophy through which we aim to.

Yours sincerely,

IBPRO – Your Business Companion

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Testimonial 1

Samsung SDS Vietnam
27/02/2021 11:46:28

You will always feel that IBPRO is a companion and not just a service provider. Whenever we face a problem during our business operation, we always come to IBPRO firsthand. It is at IBPRO where we can find trust, earnesty, sharing and efficiency.
(Samsung SDS Vietnam: Ms. Dieu Nguyen – L&D Business Group – Assistant Manager)

Younchang Vietnam
27/02/2021 11:46:45

Younchang has worked with IBPRO through many cases and we always appreciate IBPRO's capacity, experience and professionalism. We chose IBPRO because they are simply a real companion.
(Younchang Vietnam : Mr. Lee Yim Taeck – General Director)

Skylake Golf and Resort Club
27/02/2021 11:47:46

IBPRO's lawyers have been working with us for many years, they are always enthusiastic and professional with innovative legal solutions and determination.
(Skylake Golf and Resort Club: Mr. Nguyen Van Nam – Golf course Operation Director)

Family Medical Practice
27/02/2021 11:48:03

IBPRO always brings innovative legal solutions along with a good understanding of the laws and business environment in Vietnam.
(Family Medical Practice: Ms. Hoa Nguyen – HR Manager)


Thien Nguyen- Head Accountant
27/02/2021 11:48:55

Personally, I myself and VINAMR JSC always feel satisfied with the presence of the dedicated and professional IBPRO lawyers. They are always a solid fulcrum. They find solutions together, they prevent your risks, and handle your issues.
(VINAMR: Ms. Thien Nguyen - Head Accountant)

Hong Ngoc Hospital
27/02/2021 11:49:20

Hong Ngoc Hospital has worked with IBPRO through many cases and we always trust and appreciate the ability, experience and professionalism at a very high level of IBPRO. You will always feel secure because their team always has flexible, innovative and truly effective solutions to maximize your investment and business opportunities and show you the best path to overcome obstacles smoothly.
(Hong Ngoc Hospital: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Long – General Director)

Testimonial Testimonial

Clients are our friends and most valuable asset!

“We always put clients at the center of our practice and clients are also the biggest driving force for us to continuously develop, improve, and generate the best values in every single service. Therefore, during our development journey, it will be our great honor if we receive the trust and affirmation from our clients - which we deeply cherish!”

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