Real Estate and Construction


Real Estate and Construction sectors are appreciably lively, and Vietnam is considered by many experts and investors to be the most potent market in Asia. Real estate trading activities in Vietnam span in many segments: commercial real estate and resort; individual houses, apartments, villas; urban development projects; real estates in industrial parks, etc. 

Our consultancy services cover: 

 Real estate project development, infrastructure development project (private and public-private partners); adjusting real estate project goals; transfer (part or whole) of a real estate project

 Issues related to land allocation, land lease, receiving transfer of land use rights, adjusting land use objectives; auction of land use rights

 Extension of real estate project implementation period, extension of land use period

 Procedures for granting/adjusting the Certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and other land-attached assets; update information on properties attached to land;

 Consult on drafting a set of contracts to buy and sell real estate to be formed in the future; contracts for the transfer of land use rights, ownership of construction works; contract for the lease of factories, works, business premises, etc;

 Consult on drafting and reviewing construction contracts, EPC general contractor contracts, supervision consultancy contracts, subcontracting contracts;

 Consult and assist in the implementation of procedures for setting up foreign contractor's office, issuance of construction rating certificate.


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