27/02/2021 11:51:20 IBPRO 0 1703

IBPRO provides in-depth legal consultancy services related to investment activities, especially offshore investments into Vietnam, onshore investments, and investments from Vietnam to other countries, investment in the form of a public-private partnership (BOT, BTO, BT, BTL, etc.), investment in the form of business cooperation contract (BCC). Our consultancy service not only covers the initial investment stage but also persists throughout the project operation and...

Corporate and M&A
27/02/2021 11:54:01 IBPRO 0 1957

IBPRO always attends to legal matters of enterprises, from simple ones to complicated ones, to provide effective and innovative legal solutions in order to optimize profit for owners and maximize business effectiveness. Furthermore, throughout the years, we have gained the trust of clients and participated in onshore and offshore M&A transactions related to assets, transactions, and target enterprises in Vietnam. 

Intellectual Property
27/02/2021 11:58:28 IBPRO 0 1073

IBPRO is one of the few law firms in Vietnam with an industrial property representative. Our attorneys have many years of experience, having worked for domestic and foreign organizations related to various aspects of intellectual property. 

Real Estate and Construction
27/02/2021 11:56:30 IBPRO 0 1180

Real Estate and Construction sectors are appreciably lively, and Vietnam is considered by many experts and investors to be the most potent market in Asia. Real estate trading activities in Vietnam span in many segments: commercial real estate and resort; individual houses, apartments, villas; urban development projects; real estates in industrial parks, etc. 

27/02/2021 12:01:43 IBPRO 0 1266

We are proud to be highly competent and experienced in labor law and matters related to organization, management, and use of labors in enterprises, as well as ensuring salary, insurance, and policy schemes for labors.

27/02/2021 12:03:59 IBPRO 0 1164

IBPRO is one of the few law firms in Vietnam that is experienced in education law, especially when there involves foreign factor. We have assisted many investors to successfully implement educational projects in Vietnam as well as assist Vietnamese investors to associate and be franchised from foreign organizations. 

Healthcare and Pharmacy
27/02/2021 12:05:34 IBPRO 0 1161

We are one of the several consulting firms in Vietnam focusing on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Vietnam. 

27/02/2021 12:07:11 IBPRO 0 1199

One of the services that we regularly provide to our clients are issues related to procedural assistance to obtaining business licenses, qualifying licenses, certificates, or approvals from competent state agencies.

Our scope of services include:

International Trade
27/02/2021 10:33:28 IBPRO 0 1074

Throughout the years, Vietnam with its strategy to expand the market and strengthen international trade, has participated in the recent negotiation and signing of international agreements such as EVFTA, EVIPA, CPTPP... to promote cross-border transactions. It can be said that international trade is one of the areas of primary concern of Clients. With deep experience in international trade drawn from the years of opening the market up to now, IBPRO's team of lawyers and...

Dispute Settlement
27/02/2021 10:33:50 IBPRO 0 888

With many years of experience in litigation, IBPRO's team of lawyers has been involved in all disputes: business - commercial, civil, labor, and criminal. In addition, we have also represented many clients to resolve lawsuits at domestic and foreign arbitration centers with complex, lengthy dispute subjects and complicated proceedings. 

Energy and Natural Resources
23/02/2021 04:48:19 IBPRO 0 805

IBPRO provides legal advice and investment advice in the field of energy development and natural resources exploitation. We are experienced in projects related to thermal power, hydroelectricity, wind power, and solar energy; waste treatment project; projects on oil and gas exploitation and processing and mineral exploitation. Our scope of work is mainly focused on consulting the implementation of projects in the energy sector, project transfers and mineral trading.

Market Research
23/02/2021 04:47:55 IBPRO 0 855

With the ambition to become one of the leading consulting firms, in addition to the legal field, we also have a team of experts in market analysis and development to provide clients with comprehensive information about the market of Vietnamese products and services, consumer behaviors, consumption habits, trading methods, market capacity, target customers and competitors. In addition, we will also provide customers with added value about the relevant laws and policies in the market...

Real Estate information service
27/02/2021 10:38:30 IBPRO 0 960

Apart from consulting and legal services, we are also willing to assist clients in seeking investment opportunity related to real estates in Vietnam.

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